Notice Based on the Law Governing Specific Commercial Transactions

1. Seller: WIP Japan Corporation

2. CEO:Takeshi Sakai

3. Address and other contact information
Cocoen Devision
WIP Japan Corporation
Hirakawacho Kaizaka Bldg.
1-6-8 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, Japan
TEL:+81-50-5806-5884(Japan),+852- 8197-0311(HongKong) ,+1-206-973-2555(Washington,Seattle)
Skype: shopcocoen001,shopcocoen002,shopcocoen003

Business hours MON-FRI 10AM-21PM (JST)
*We accept your contact by mail out of business hours and will return your mail to you next business day. We appreciate your patients.

4. Order method
Please place your order using the designated form on our website.

5. Payment methods
Credit card (AMEX, JCB, VISA, MASTER) / PayPal /Alipay
Please see "Payment and shipping charges” for details on each payment method.

6. Payment deadlines
(1) Credit card: You’ll be asked to enter credit card information when you place your order. Payment by credit card is processed based on the terms and conditions between you and your credit-card company.
(2) Online payment system such as PayPal,Alipay: You’ll be asked to enter your account information when you place your order. Payment is processed based on the terms and conditions between you and your online payment service provider.

7. Necessary charges
Shipping charge will be added to your order total.
(1) Shipping charges: As stated separately
(2)Delivery Company: We relegate Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. for all domestic shipments and Express mail service (EMS) for all international shipments.

8. Cancellations
Cancellations will be accepted free of charge up to the end of your payment procedures. To initiate your claim, please contact us at No cancellation will be accepted unless there is any manufacturing defect. If payment can not be confirmed within seventy-two (72) hours, the order may be cancelled.

9. Validity of your order
Order is valid for seventy-two (72) hours, from the date it was placed.
If bank or postal transfer is chosen and no payment is confirmed past seventy-two (72) hours, from the date of order, the order will be canceled.

10. Shipping methods
Delivery of merchandises is outsourced to a carrier mentioned separately.
Shipping fee is flat rate of 650 Yen for all domestic orders. All international fees are determined by the EMS guidelines.

11. Regarding shipment
Your purchased items are shipped within Two (2) business days after your payment is completed. Estimated date of arrival is determined by the delivery company.
You will be notified via email when an item is put on backorder. Shipment will be delayed or cancelled hereof.

12. Returning goods
No returns will be accepted in principle unless there is a manufacturing defect on your product or different product was sent by mistake are found within 7days, Shipping cost for the returned items will be covered by us.

WIP Japan Corporation