Terms of Use

【List Price】
Prices are listed with consumption tax included. However, customers may incur additional taxes and duties imposed by law.

【Time of Finalization of Sales Contracts】
The order is completed when we deliver the product to the delivery company that we relegate.

【Cancellation of Orders and Exchange and Return of Products】
・Cancellation Policy
Cancellations will be accepted free of charge up to the end of your payment procedures. To initiate your claim, please contact us at shop@cocoen.com. No cancellation will be accepted unless there is any manufacturing defect. If payment can not be confirmed within Seventy-two (72) hours, the order may be cancelled.
・Return Policy
No return will be accepted in principle unless there is any initial failure on your product or different product was sent by mistake were found within 7days, Shipping cost for the returned items will be covered by us.

【Regarding Points】
▼Issuing Points
•How points are issued
Points are automatically issued through the Cocoen site.Postage and other handling fees are not included in the points system.(not included in specials or sales)

•Points schedule
Points are issued at the time of order completion.

•Regarding order returns
When an order is returned, the related points for that order will be removed.

▼Using points
•Point units
Customers will receive 1 point for every 200JPY spent on Cocoen. One point is equivalent to 1JPY.

•Using points
Points can be used at the time of purchase of items on Cocoen to make up a portion of the total cost.

•Products for which points can be used
Points can be used for products on the Cocoen site only.

•Treatment of product returns
When products purchased using points are returned, the portion of the sale that was not covered by points will be returned.

▼Point Management
•Checking your point balance
Your remaining point balance can be viewed at the time of purchase on the “shipping method selection” page. Cocoen reserves the right to make the final judgment regarding the issuance of points, point amount, and other conditions regarding the issuance of points at the time of a given transaction.

•Removal of points
In the following cases, a portion or the total amount of points may be removed from your account.

1.In the event of criminal or other inappropriate activity.
2.If the rules and regulations outlined by Cocoen are violated.
3.If there are other conditions or events that lead us to believe the removal of points is appropriate. Cocoen is not responsible for damages associated with the removal of points, and no compensation will be provided for removed points.

•Period of validity for points.
Points are valid for 6 months from the time of last purchase.
In the case that unused points remain after 6 months from the time of final purchase, they will be automatically deleted.
Cocoen is not responsible for losses associated with the removal of points, and no compensation will be provided for deleted points.

•Changes or cancellation of services or regulations
Cocoen reserves the right to change or cancel the point system as well as the conditions of point issuance. Cocoen is not responsible for losses associated with changes to, or cancellation of the point system.

【Other Notes】
・The product photographs featured on this Web site depict the actual product. However, colors and other attributes may appear different when viewing the product through a computer monitor as compared to viewing the product directly
・Our website may be displayed by utilizing translation tools however, we can not guarantee the quality of translations and services hereof.
・Please understand that the Company cannot be held responsible for delivery failure or garbled text in e-mail sent by the Company to you or sent by you to the Company.
・Because of a lag in the system, stock quantity could not be accurate. It might cause cancellation of some for your purchased items or there will be some delay for shipping in order to ship all items in one delivery..
・Products cannot be delivered to certain countries and regions for safety and other reasons. For a list of countries and regions where products can be delivered, see the separate “Details on delivery areas outside Japan.”

・Products are shipped in standard export packaging designed to endure international shipping.
・All items that purchased at “COCOEN” will be yours regardless of the payment or shipment method when we deliver the items to delivery company.
・The Company assumes no responsibility for non-fulfillment or delay in fulfillment of product shipping or contract obligations due to war, civil strife, riots, labor disputes, epidemics, fire, floods, earthquakes, embargos, government order, or other circumstances beyond the company’s control.

・All conflicts, disputes, and differences of opinion that may arise between parties regarding this contract or related matters and that cannot be settled by the parties themselves shall be finally settled through arbitration in Japan according to commercial arbitration rules of the International Commercial Arbitration Association. Judgments rendered by arbitrators are considered final and binding for both parties.

【Governing Law】
・The finalization, validity, fulfillment, and construe of this contract are governed by the laws of Japan.

・This contract is effective as of 25/Apr/2011.

WIP Japan Corporation.