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Kurinbou Hand Held Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner

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Never Worry About the Cleanliness of Your Vegetables Again!!!

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Product Description

Like most of you, I put in a lot of time rinsing the vegetables I bring home from the store. But even after putting in the effort to scrub them, there are always sand grains and dirt particles that remain, especially near the roots. And if that much dirt remains, just think about the insecticides, fertilizers and other chemicals that may be left after a thorough rinsing!

Even after washing lettuce thoroughly, it is hard to take care of all of the impurities.

Now there is!
Clean dirt and other impurities from your vegetables in no time, with hardly any effort at all! Remove fertilizers, insecticides and other chemicals, while eliminating harmful bacterias as well!
Not only that, you don’t need to use any soaps or detergents, saving the environment as well as your pocketbook!

Washing your vegetables just got fun!

How to use the Kurinbou

How to use illustration

  • 1.)Put your store bought vegetables in a bowl of water.

  • 2.)Put the Kurinbou in, and turn on.

  • That’s it! It’s really that easy!

When you turn on the Kurinbou, it causes vibrations by emitting ultrasonic signals from the head of the unit, which cleans the dirt and other contaminants from your vegetables.
At the same time, ozone is emitted from the small holes surrounding the center, which eliminate bacteria and disinfect!

So easy and safe to use, even your children can use the Kurinbou with confidence!

Operating Instructions


The Kurinbou is easy to operate. There is only one switch, which controls two settings: Low and High.
The settings are distinguished by the color of the switch lamp.
When the lamp light is off, so is the machine. Low is illustrated by the green lamp, and high is red.

When the Kurinbou has been operating for 1 minute 30 seconds, it automatically shuts down. (auto-off function)


Not only can the Kurinbou be used for vegetables and other produce, but also cutlery, baby items, toys, etc.

Wide variety of uses! Vegetables, fruit, kitchen items, baby items, toys, etc.

Wash vegetables with ease, even on a camping trip!


・Weight:450g (not including AC adaptor)
・voltage:12V 1.5A
・items included:instruction booklet(in Japanese)、AC adaptor (INPUT 100-240V AC 50/60Hz AType plug)
 ※A plug adapter may be necessary for use outside of Japan