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Lumi Loupe

Product ID:X581360H

X574130H, mouth moisturizing gel is a jelly-type support Kino Inui anxious mouth.

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Product Description

Product Specifications

Power ●: AC100V 50/60Hz
Power ●: 9.1/9.2W
The set includes ●: Fluorescent 12W (pipe diameter 12/1.3cm, 4000 hours)
Material ●: ABS
Length ●: 1.64m
Lens ●: 8.5cm
Mouthpiece ●: G23
Total flux ●: 550lm
Country ●: Tyuugoku

Product Description

Loupe Rumi is clearly more Kukkiri, magnifying glass in one hand free Narezu inconvenience, and magnifying glass will eliminate those concerns. Magnification, enlarged two times and 4.25 times 2. Round about 8.5cm lens can be used for various purposes. It comes with lights around the lens, more light can be seen. The arm can move around, so you can effortlessly adjust positioning. Lightweight and compact design.