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チュビファースト 2way 緑

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X449500H, WetWrap (R) procedure can be applied more easily, is hypoallergenic and children's pants were formed in the tube type.

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Product Description

Handling (washing) Notice

Clothing because it is made by molding the fabric bandage may be snag by washing out. (Please wash and hand wash gently, can reduce fraying) Low iron, please use the dryer at low temperature. Bleach and dry Please do not use. Also, Do not store combustible materials because it is the location of the fire.

Product Specifications

Color Line Age site of application Circumference (cm) Composition
Red Line Less than 4 months old arms 8-15 Artificial silk: 85% Elastic fiber system 15% <
Green Line Limbs of children under five Arm than 5 years 10-25
Blue Line Adults over the age of five arm leg 20-45
Yellow Line Child's body, hands and feet of adult head 35-65
Beige Line Adult body 50-120
* There are individual differences due to application site physique.

Product Description

2way Chubifasuto green is a tubular bandage for skin care and drug therapy using topical skin moisturizer. To reduce the intense itching, especially atopic dermatitis WetWrap (R) is suitable for maneuver. Excellent breathability and stretch, you get a comfortable fit to wear for long periods. The special construction prevents the exudation of water.