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3M adhesive bandage cotton stretch sport multi-pore 37.5mm * 5m roll 8

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X448330H, condoms are made of thin Rattekusu of good fit. The color pink, diamond-shaped type of moss-type system.

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Product Description

Product Description

3M adhesive bandage cotton stretch sport pore eight multi-37.5mm * 5m roll, is taping a scene tape in a variety of useful tape. Kuni Inui type water repellent immediately wet. Stretch cotton to follow every move as well. Hypoallergenic adhesive with excellent breathability.
* 3M multi-pore is a trademark of 3M Company in the United States.

If you peel the basic tape

Hold the skin, slowly peel back the tape.


- Do not attach this product directly to the wound.
Catheter - this product, please do not use a tube or other fixed.
• When attached to people with allergies, please conduct a patch test beforehand.
- The addition of tension to the skin and put sustained pull this product, please note that skin diseases can cause.
• While using this product, itching, redness, and if symptoms such as skin disorders seems to be rash, stop using it immediately, please obtain the appropriate treatment.
• When the tape is peeled off to minimize the burden on the skin, holding the skin as 持Chi上Garanai Please slowly peel back the tape. Also, if you peel the tape and wet conditions of the skin during bathing, please note that it is easily damaged skin.

Precautions for storage

- Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool, dry place.
- Please keep out of reach of children.