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granularity of its life's oxygen bleach systems 創健社 500g

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X200840H, insole that fits well in the loose-fitting shoes (adjusted for height).

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Product Description

Product Description

Resona's grain-based oxygen bleach 創健社 living 500g is a bleaching agent that can be bleached clean of the enzyme millet.柄Mono use of either a color, does not damage the fabric is slippery hands. Because sterilization effect, and hygienic finish. Liquid bleach (chlorine) is not as unpleasant smells. As well as for clothes, plates, chopping board, bottle, ventilation of the oil stains and yellowing of taking soap powder can be used in a wide range of applications.


For clothing
(When washing) Baby underwear bleach dark yellowish ● ●, bleaching and disinfecting diaper odor removal
(Excluding the Spot) Coffee ●, black tea, green tea, blood, grass and fruit juice, condiments, bleach stains caused by perspiration
Cloth ●, disinfection and bleaching of towels, refrigerator ● odor removal, disinfecting cupboard, board ● odor removal, plates, balls, equipment cleaning, put trash disinfection and bleaching of the monkeys, removal of baby bottles ● odor removal bacteria, odor removal
Standard usage
● 30L of water 10g (2 caps about / 3)
● 2L of water 10g (2 caps about / 3)
● 2L of water 8g (half cap)
Wash with detergent for washing Put ●.
Well dissolved ●, 30 minutes (slightly longer if not very dirty), rinse with water after immersion.
Well dissolved ●, 30 minutes (slightly longer if not very dirty), rinse with water after immersion. What does the roofing 浸Senai Wed wiped after squeezing a cloth soaked in liquid.

● usable white goods, 色物, patterned fiber products (cotton, hemp, chemical fiber), water and detergent color silk wool fiber products ● ● glassware ● Non useless pottery Thurs. bamboo ● ● ● Plastic Products ● ● Non-metal containers dyed lacquer ● Non-metal complex dye is out, tools, accessories (zippers, buttons, hook and fastener)

・ ・ ・ ● If you try every five minutes to put on the strong parts of obscure solution dissolved in water, and shall be discolored, what color is transferred to rely on massaging Please do not use a white cloth. I get hot water more quickly than the effect of cold ●. Non-yellowing ● The fiber itself has been altered, even with bleach undone.


Please avoid exposure to young children reach ●. ● Please do not use hot water. ● To remove dirt and dust on the skin, please rinse with water. ● When swallowed, the 吐Kase now, please drink raw milk or eggs. If enough eyes, please rinse with water immediately. In either case, once Ue-treated, please have your doctor look. Avoid direct sunlight ●, please put in a hot place. Directly to the clothing 振Rikakezu ●, please dissolve well in water. Fiber is that it may turn yellow ●, while avoiding the bleaching place in direct sunlight, please rinse well after bleaching. But less effective because ●, in combination with chlorine bleach mixed Please do not. Please do not put water container ●. May explode. ● This product is so granular, vibration during transportation, etc., can be space in the vessel. Net weight is as shown.


Sodium percarbonate