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GUM (Gum) Dentarurinsu medicated children 250ml

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G113410H, keep track of Haguki inflammation of periodontal bacteria and sterilization by Interdental tooth cleaning brush dipped in between the teeth.

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Product Description

Product Description

GUM (Gum) Dentarurinsu medicated children 250ml The child-friendly liquid toothpaste. Experience is a type of mild alcohol-free feeling less tense. It does not contain the foaming agent is less effective foaming polish finish. Quasi-drugs.


Usually after each meal three times a day ●, an appropriate amount of about 5ml (half cap), including your mouth.
As good as the spit-second rinse 20 ●, please just brushing.
Effective for a long time after rinsing with water ●.


Wetting agents: concentrated glycerin flavors: spices (mint type of fruit), maltitol, saccharin sodium solubilizers: polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil preservatives: benzoic acid salt
pH adjusting agent: sodium citrate pharmaceutical ingredient: cetylpyridinium chloride (disinfectant CPC)


● It is not in the oral solution.
● When the eyes, please rinse thoroughly with water immediately.
Rash ●, allergies and itching, and when asthma symptoms are observed, discontinue use, physician, please consult your dentist or pharmacist.