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prevent the smell of medicated soap because Yuze

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Y310260H, 20% moisturizing formulation. Skin after cleansing action of the oil lasting moisturizing gentle horse.

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Product Description

Product Description

Medicated soap to prevent it from Yuze smell is useful for deodorizing flavonoids chlorophyll is blended with medicated soap. Cleaning the skin while cleaning ingredient, flavonoids reduce odor anxious.
This product is more sensitive to smells, be recommended to the care of body odor and sweat and sebum secretion is more active. Quasi-drugs. Each 1 110g.


Substrate soap, coconut fatty acid, BG, triclocarban, Ougonekisu, tocopherols, cellulose gum, polyacrylic acid, Na, EDTA-2Na, EDTA-4Na, phosphate, etidronate, perfume, copper chlorophyllin Na, TiO