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Blue Airifurederakkusu

Product ID:X760220H

X760120H, receptacle wide, firmly establish purpuric urine odor can no wrapping is easily portable toilets and sanitary disposal.

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Product Description

Product Description

Airifurederakkusu Blue, when 冷Yashitai, when to warm, and hot and cold eye mask can be used as desired. Can be easily heated in a microwave oven. It fits into the eyes or eye area soft and cool in the freezer. Even when cool, set the bag can remain warm even when the cover gel.


Cool 30 minutes or more, please put in a plastic bag in the freezer and leave them covered in a freezer bag when cool gel ●.
Always check the output of a microwave oven at high heat ●, please heating.
· 500-700W: 800 Strength for 10 seconds-1000W: nearly 10 seconds (when heating is not warm, please turn over less than 10 seconds.)
* Auto or heating more than 10 seconds at a time, please do not absolutely.
* Eyes, making sure heating, switch off immediately Kitara bloat.
* Put a cup of hot water or 45 degrees, soak in hot water for one minute only place gel bag. Never put in hot water while the cover.


Gel bags (Japan): polyols, polymeric absorbent resin, water, Poriechirenaimasuku (Chinese): Table Polyester, Cotton back