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ダンロップ 円座 エアークッション カバー付 15型

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X655710H, easy on the affected area is the girth after surgery.

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Product Description

Product Description

With 15-inch Dunlop Enza air cushion is sitting in a circle with a cushion cover. Hold down the affected area without a central hole, the air cushion provides a comfortable elastic under the pressure of the air. Bedsores for the sick, illness, etc. Please use fig.

Installing the cover

1. Spread bottom left piled on the cover, I will sitting in a circle on it. Place the round straw mat on it. Pull out the cover from the top half of the center hole.
2. To adjust the position of the cover cut to fit the valves sitting in a circle and fasteners.
3. Fit the end of the fastener to tighten and gently pulling.
4. After the Closing, to inject more air valves, please use.

Handling Precautions Us

1. If you can open the valve, please turn to the left. If you close the valve, please turn to the right until it is starved from air.
2. It may cause damage by turning the valve with pliers and fittings, valves, please turn by hand.
3. Please put off the impossible by turning the valve. Cause air leakage.
4. Not place anything other than the person, please.
5. To drive a car, please do not use. By moving weight is dangerous, the state may become unstable in the body.
6. If the cover is dirty, please wash by hand without using the washing machine. Also, please dry after washing well stretched soft towel.
7. Hurt early and rubber left in the sunlight. When not in use, please keep 冷暗 place.