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try to grasp the hand out

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X654530H, This is a moisturizing lotion is water-change shape as the orange cream.

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Product Description

Product Description

Try to grasp the hand out is the type of cute bite-sized rice balls can be made. The type bears, hearts, stars, or straw, and five triangles. Paddle with a handle, so not really need, directly from the jar Sukue rice, you can get hot quickly, without hand. The One push and press the bottom fall out easily. The projection process is difficult with rice. Voila a nice mouthful kindergarten and elementary school exactly. In addition to the happy meal lunch, have fun and make sushi.


Do not use scratch and wash it adheres to the wool when cleaning polish ●.
Use your microwave oven, etc. ● Please do not.
Please drop by and give a strong shock ●. Cause deformation and burns.
Please place near the fire ●. Cause deformation and burns.
Do not use for applications other than ●.


1. Grasp the handle, from wet rice Sukuimasu water.
2. Kyu Innovation Hold Press the lid.
3. Remove the lid and press, with the body upside down, push the bottom, remove the balls.

How to Care

Please use the sponge to wash dishes with detergent before use ●.
● After using the dirt washed out well, please keep to clean water.
Dishwasher ●, when you have a dish dryer, please check your manual on hand.

Display Quality

Size ● (approx)
Heart: Length 12.5 * 4.5 * width 2 height (cm)
Hoshino: Length 12.5 * 4.5 * width 2 height (cm)
Bear: Length 12.5 * Width * Height 2 5 (cm)
Triangle: Length 12.5 * 4.5 * width 2 height (cm)
Or straw: Length 12.5 * 5.5 * width 2 height (cm)
Body material by pressing the lid ●: Polypropylene withstand temperatures: 120 degrees, cool tolerance temperature: -10 degrees ● Country of origin: China