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20 pieces of clothing spill took seats portable stain

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X483870H, black beans roasted twice selected Ishigama, brown finish with black beans were delicious flavor (soy brown black).

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Product Description

Product Description

Spill sheet 20 pieces of clothing took a portable stain is without stain useful in problems such as food spills out. Young people and our children. Easy to use towel sense.


1. 取Ridashitara this product, then fold in 広Gezu, please round to the bar.
2. Directed to other tissues in the back, please impregnated portion of the stain solution.
3. Gently tapping a portion of the stain, so please take the knob at the end.


● This product is water soluble and can be used for oily stains, oil stains may be difficult due to falling material.
● dirt stains can be difficult to fall as time passes. Please use dirty quickly.
Have you ever left circle after a Jimi dry ●, because this is what remained of the liquid component, Wed wipe lightly with a wash you'll be less noticeable.
● Depending on the type of fiber is discoloration may cause discoloration. Silk textiles in particular (fine kimono blouse, tie), used to try and please use the same fabric and unobtrusive part in advance.
Please do not wipe your hands or face, so detergent ingredients include ●.
● After using the flap must avoid drying (lid) to place in the sun or a hot place, please close the place.
● This product is insoluble in water. Please flush the toilet.
Please keep out of reach of children ●.
By using skin swelling ●, itching and abnormal Whenever you stop using it, please consult your doctor.


Nonwoven fabric


Ethanol, glycol ethers, surfactants special hybrid, purified water