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携帯用排尿バッグ ウリ・バッグ(ユーリバッグ) 婦人用

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X474000H, Wheelchair users, elderly drivers, travelers, and portable toilets to resolve the concerns of patients, such as toilets.

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Product Description


1. Before use, please remove the back are housed in the tube to open the cap. In addition, please note like fingernails scratching on the bag and when taking out.
2. Please forward to the match the way of the urinary level of the tip of the tube. At that time, please use the tube from the bag to the lower position. Also, please note that the urine may spill out and not match well.
3. After use, please cap tightly with a lid. And the press or on the bag and, please note that you may leak urine.
4. After use, water and warm water in the bag after bag of urine flowing into the toilet as soon as possible, please wash and rinse thoroughly with soap and water poured. Save and left dirty, please note it may well be inside or germs.

For storage after use

1. After use, please pay the cap just like the bag into the tube before use. During storage, one on either side while the cap / air in the bag without turning about four below, please pay into the tube from below the cap.
2. If you do not use more than one week after the cleaning, please keep the bag inside out and dry shade. This is important on the store. In addition, the store while still wet, then please note that you stuck inside.
3. Or direct sunlight, and at higher than normal temperatures Do not keep.
4. A sharp object, such as fire or get too close, please.
5. Please note that this product does not adhere to a different oil, chemicals and machinery. Should you please wash off of skin and thoroughly with soap and water.


1. On health management, please share with others is avoided.
2. Polypropylene resins and latex (rubber) to such persons allergic reaction constitution Please avoid using them.
3. Hit the handling of this product and use of chemicals, so please avoid the material may be altered.


Cap: PE plastic tube: PP plastic bag: latex (rubber)

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Product Description

Carrying bag urine bag Uri (Yuri bag) for women is a better wheelchair, elderly people, an official sport (watching, hiking, gliding, etc.), vehicle drivers, tourists, hospital patients and toilet troubles Portable toilets are resolved. Small enough to get on the palms and storage, functional use was considered in detail because of the design. Since the synthetic resin material, light and odors, and leakage is minimal. Women.