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Indo-style yogurt Supaishibifukare house north 200g

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X424040H, worked the spicy chili, South Indian curry (retort).

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Product Description

Product Description

Indo-style yogurt Supaishibifukare house north 200g The yogurt with spices such as coriander, aromatic North Indian curry (retort). Beef, with plenty of chopped onion, and full-bodied flavor.

How to make

- Bag (retort pouch) without cutting the seal, put in boiling water 3-Boil 5 minutes.
● When using a microwave, please wrap up warm over the change must be transferred to a deep dish.
- The heating time, model W (watts) varies depending on the number, please go easy.
(Estimated time is 2 minutes if the 500W, 600W 1 min 30 sec.)


Or when you take a laptop and opened, it may become hot spring ingredients and sources, please note.

Disinfecting method

Sealed in airtight containers, sterilized by autoclaving and heating

エネルギー 289kcal、たんぱく質 8.2g、脂質 21.7g、炭水化物 15.3g、ナトリウム(食塩相当