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FC Suteraze L of 24

Product ID:X308170H

X308160H, sterile gauze that is also safe to sterilize wounds one by one.

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Product Description

Product Description

FC Suteraze L of 24 is also safe sterile gauze that is sterile wound one by one. In addition, each type of packaging is convenient to carry. Retrieve touching the gauze. Torino Huki antiseptic and absorbent such as blood, and ate gauze eye patch.


Knob with both hands open, please remove the gauze peeling left and right.


- Sterilization pouch damaged, defaced, shall be observed and do not use water leakage.
- Disposable type.

Precautions for storage

Effect - it compromises the sterile, sterile pack, please open during use.
* Note the leakage of water during storage, a hot, humid place away from direct sunlight, please keep the place clean.
- Please keep out of reach of children.

Taboo, forbidden

• Do not disable re-placement in the body

The purpose of the use, efficacy or effectiveness

Control of bleeding, fluid absorption, abrasion, for the protection of the organs from drying or pollution, incisions, surgical instruments consisting of gauze, which means primarily intended to be applied to skin wounds or other internal structure.