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Omotesandou PT (Odoparufan)

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X187510H, Just give the air, and air conditioning equipment to deodorize bad smell in the room. Keep the air clean.

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Product Description

Product Description

Omotesandou PT (Odoparufan), the purity, the language of flowers and the joy of the bride, orange blossom (neroli), is born of Aromafureguransu. There are clear, and full of flavor but a dignified kindness will shine like a director or as if wearing the crystal.


In the drink. If you disagree with your skin, please discontinue use. Or if something is wrong with your skin, eyes and mucous membranes for use in the use of sun-exposed parts, please be avoided. Please do not put a light-colored clothing. Please store in cool dark place. Please do not use the fire.


Ethanol, Fragrance