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Funwaka Inflatable Bath Chair

Product ID:X298140H

Having a hard time getting your toddler to sit still in the bath? Solve that problem with Funwaka Inflatable Bath Chair for an easy wash and a relaxing time with your child.

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Product Description

Product Description

Funwaka Inflatable Bath Chair is an inflatable bath chair with a built-in air pump so you sit your child down as you give him or her a bath. A silly, inviting chair, your infant will comfortably rest on Funwaka for the duration of the bath. Inflated with air, Funwaka Inflatable Bath Chair is soft, cushy and relaxing so your baby won't give you any trouble. Its square shape makes rolling difficult, and the shape of the chair prevents your infant from easily falling off. Can be fully inflated in only three minutes.


- Only use with parental supervision.
- Please keep an eye on your baby during use.
- This product is not in a flotation device and will not float in the bathtub or on water.
- Please place on a flat, stable location.
- Do not place your baby on the armrest.
- Please do not put water in the built-in air pump.

Display Quality

Non-phthalate PVC, polyurethane, synthetic rubber

Suggested Age

- Suitable for infants 3-6 months old or under 30kg

Country of Origin

Dimensions(box):210*240*52(mm) Inflated Size:D510*W490*H310(mm)