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support for women Pelvic M Black Pants

Product ID:X065070H

X064950H, support the pelvis in pelvic support pants just wear. Neat silhouette. Ladies M size. Khaki.

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Product Description

Product Description

Support for women Pelvic M black pants is to support the pelvis in pelvic support pants just put on. Pelvis firmly upholds the net well-ventilated, and stabilize the hip Wanetto performance, supporting the power net, hard shift might work harder to stretch the internal structure of the mesh is no stuffiness. And sideline to increase the position of the knee squeeze, release and clean silhouette Sukki, tapering to the leg. The convenient pocket on both sides. Adjustable waist, and total rubber (with straps). Black color. Women, M size (waist 64-70cm, inseam 68cm).

Adaptive size (cm)

Size Waist Hip Total Length Inseam
M 64-70 87-95 95 80
L 69-77 92-100 97 69
LL 77-85 97-105 98 70
3L 77-85 102-110 100 71

Display Quality

Body: 100% polyester Net: (top) 80% Nylon, 20% polyurethane, (bottom) 54% polyester, 46% cotton