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Caspian Sea yogurt lactobacillus yogurt wishes

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X190400H, tocopherol acetate, lPMP, ε-aminocaproic acid is a medicated toothpaste formulated for periodontal disease and fluoride.

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Product Description

Product Description

Caspian Sea yogurt lactobacillus yogurt hope" is the seed of yogurt made using only freeze-dried bacteria Kuremorisu. Kuremorisu bacteria because they do not require air during fermentation and can be made in a sealed container, prevented contamination of bacteria is safe when you make at home. Unique and sticky, a little sour as it easy to eat, enjoy the Caspian Sea yogurt at home easily.

How to make yogurt Angel

"By Type" to indicate that milk fat, milk and milk please prepare a 3.5% or more unopened.
1, stir into the dry seed of a small amount of milk in an airtight container and freeze. Sealed containers or spoons, please use something like put a hot water to clean.
2,500 ml-1L of milk and mix well
3, warm place with lid tightly sealed container (25 degrees -30 degrees) Please put.
4,18-36 time solidifies.
5, chilled in the refrigerator, please enjoy as soon as possible. When you start using, please mix well. Yogurt is smooth.

Immediately freeze-dried seed is used in a cool, dark place please save low temperature.

Fuyasu yogurt

Please do not start eating your yogurt. 1-2 for the milk and mix together milk and yogurt percent level. Solidifies in 6-8 hours. After the "recipe" is the same.

When this has failed

Strong acidity. Bitter taste funny and you tingle. Weird smell. Marked with color.
"Caspian Sea yogurt lactobacillus yogurt wishes, it is just Kuremorisu bacteria, rather than the white. Separated from the water and a lot of bubbles that can separate solids. However, small amount of water-like supernatant whey (whey) and say, vitamins and minerals and contain. Please enjoy mixing together.

If the above are the bacteria that entered it. Please dispose of.

How to Save

Cool, dark place with little temperature change

Handling Precautions

After opening, please use the seed at a time.


If you continue to make the finished yogurt yogurt as seed for the quality or physical condition that is not later put 召Shi上Gatta responsibility.