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創健社 Best Soup (with no additives chemical seasoning) 8g * 10 bags

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Bonito, mackerel, anchovies, mushrooms, kelp and scallops, well-balanced variety of flavor seasonings, all-purpose instant bouillon.

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Product Description

Product Description

To top it 創健社 (without additives chemical seasoning) 8g * 10 bags is a bonito, mackerel, sardines, mushrooms, seaweed and scallops, well-balanced flavor a variety of seasonings, dashi is universal. The varied cuisine, you can use a wide range.
We value the flavor, food additive, such as synthetic chemical seasonings, hydrolyzed protein, genetically modified ingredients are not used. Salt, we use solar salt brine containing.


However proper amount of miso soup in one bag for four

If you enjoy delicious (1 8g per bag)

If you make a broth 1 700cc per bag please hot water and cook as a guide.
Miso soup, noodle soup, put soup (cold noodles so close Menzaru), oden soup, stew, stew, cooked rice, and other marinated food, steamed, or vinegar, can be used widely varied cuisine.

* The above amount to your liking, so please go easy estimate.

How to Save

Avoid direct sunlight to heat and humidity, please store at room temperature.

エネルギー 21kcal、たんぱく質 1g、脂質 0.06g、炭水化物 4.1g、ナトリウム 1.02g、食