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wine's soft Sutakora 20 23.0-23.5

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S317250H, who need care, lightweight and easy to wear shoe care. This is a standard model that are both functional and well balanced design.

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Product Description

Product Description

The wine's soft Sutakora 20 23.0-23.5, was developed to meet the requirements of people requiring care, lightweight, shoe care up a notch, especially with an emphasis on ease of wear. New lightweight outsole with excellent shock absorption more thick, the dough is unparalleled in any other permeable, highly elastic material is used W Russell. Part of the heel has been adopted to prevent injury due to tripping Tousupuringu. Happy to put in front of an open leg design. It is suitable for use even where easy stuffy summer and legs so that the mesh employed. 23.0-23.5cm. Burgundy.


Material ●: ● artificial leather base material + W Russell: Special synthetic rubber sponge + EVA (double structure)
Reflective material ●: 3M Scotchlite Co.