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Nose-Up! Nose Reshaping System

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Nose Up! Nose mould is designed to reshame the cartilage that gives your nose its shape. Now you can have the beautiful nose nature intended, with Nose Up!

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Product Description

Product Description

Make Nozuappu nose needs Mote is germanium, titanium, silver goods which are blended with a small face. Rotate the silicon pads, adjustable in size. By sandwiching the supporting cartilage of the nose, leading to a beautiful Nozurain. While watching TV, while reading a magazine and can be easily at home.


1. Check the inside of the shorter projection products.
2. After confirming the nose attached to this product. This product has shifted from the nose down and you feel loose, the longer convex inward turning either silicone pad, attached to the nose.
* When you remove the pads and turn the silicon body is torn it may cause, please do not pull it by force.
3.1 Sun 10-15 minutes (approximate) to wear.
4. After use, please keep taking dirt from the cloth tightly wrung.


● Use for purposes other than the original, please do not.
Please keep out of reach of children ●.
● you have pain, please discontinue use immediately.
If an otolaryngologist at the hospital and hay fever ● Please consult a doctor before use.
● If you have a nose job Please do not use.
● Please stop using us for a long time.
If you find something wrong with the skin during use, etc. ● Please discontinue use immediately.
Use at bedtime or when driving a car, etc. ● The Please stop.
If you become sick while in use, please discontinue use ●.
● If you have difficulty, please do not use mouth breathing.
Force and expand this product ●, and may be damaged or bent.


Pad of silicon: silicon resin, Germanium Titanium Silver Body: Polycarbonate: ABS plastic