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Hario Glass Aroma Pendant AP-1

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Always wear your favorite scent with this fashionable Aroma Pendant. For Aroma therapy anytime, anywhere.

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Product Description

Necklace Description

●Chain Length
Length:About 50 cm(When placed around your neck, about 25 cm)
Adjustable by up to 5 cm.●Chain Materials
Rhodium plated brass

Product Description

With Hario Glass Necklace AP-1 Aroma Pendant, you can wear your favorite aromatherapy scent anytime, anywhere. Resting gently upon your chest, the glass pendant filled with oil is warmed by body heat and releases a relaxing fragrance of your choice. Using only a tiny drop of oil, this product is both relaxing and economical. When you're feeling down or when you wish to concentrate, change the scent to change your mood. Continually refresh yourself with your favorite aroma throughout the day. Comes with dropper.

How to Use

1.Take a small amount of aroma oil with the dropper.
2.Turn the glass pendant upside down and insert the oil through the bottom of the pendant with the dropper.
3.Wipe off any oil on the surface of the pendant before putting on the chain.

*As aroma oil does not come with the product, please feel free to use your favorite aromatherapy scent.
Contents:1 dropper
Size:(Glass Pendant)Diameter 12 meters with a length of 36 mm、Chain Length 400mm