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Yunikaru Plant Power Supplement 30 5g * 30

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A255670H, raised domestic organic soybeans roasted aroma, rich flavor of soy flour (powder).

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Product Description

Product Description

Power of 30 packaging plants Yunikaru 5g * 30 is not used for about 30 kinds of grain pesticides, fruit, green vegetables, mushrooms, the kind used as raw materials are freeze-dried powder was raw millet. Soluble granules quick. And a glass of milk or tomato juice, just drink your favorite drink mix can be taken with plenty of nutritious vitamins and minerals.
If you have beauty in mind, those who want delicious quick intake of dietary fiber, and support those on a diet. Do not use preservatives and additives such as preservatives.

If you enjoy

- As a dietary supplement, please enjoy a 2-4 day capsule.
- It is delicious served as is, as you like, soy milk, and even easier to dissolve and drink juice. Cup soy milk and put away, the more soluble after addition of this product.
- Soy, milk, juice, 100ml 2 hull as a guide Please this product.
- You can use it for cooking.

How to Save

Heat and humidity, please save to avoid direct sunlight.