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AVANCE Lash Serum EX (eyelash growth serum)

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high purity refined ingredients from coconut soap, plus three kinds of natural herbs. Washes clean and moisturize your skin.

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Product Description

Product Description

Avanse Rasshuseramu EX is, hair growth, hair loss, thinning hair on proven, and eyelash hair tonic. Pantothenic acid derivative and a photosensitive element 301, to prevent hair loss, hair follicles and promotes blood circulation. In addition, carrot extract and moisturizing of Kichinrikiddo and gives moisture to the hair. Please use the thinning hair loss anxious place. Quasi-drugs. Containing 7ml.




● If suitable to your skin, please stop use.
There is a cloudy white liquid that contains oil ●, please be careful.
In use ●, when the eyes, please rinse with water or lukewarm water.