Special campaign!

Pray for the children in Tohoku.
Coco-chan will help the children struck

by 3/11 Earthquake and Tsunami
through her T-shirt sales

We promise our costumers that we will allocate the10% of our T-shirts sales revenue to the victims of Tohoku Earthquake and to institutions that are trying to solve the nuclear leakage crisis.

The addressee of our donations is Ashinaga Education Society,
http://www.ashinaga.org/)a non-profit organization that provides physical and mental support to children who have lost their parents due to illness, natural disasters, suicide etc., and to children whose parents have become unable to work because of injuries or handicaps. Ashinaga Education Society does not receive any support from government agencies and 90% of its donating members are private citizens.

We will later upload the implementation report of our donation activity on Cocoen website.
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