About cocoen:

Cocoen.com is a base for disseminating Japanese culture to the world. Using the multi-language and multi-currency internet shop technology provided by WIP Japan Corporations’ “Multilingual Cart” (http://www.multilingualcart.com/), Cocoen’s goal is to strengthen the bond between Japan and the rest of the world. Cocoen distributes Japanese products to over 100 countries around the world. The Cocoen.com site was developed with Chinese international students in Japan playing a central role in the design.Purchases may be made on Cocoen.com using Paypal, credit card, Alipay, debit cards etc.

What Sets Us Apart:
Multilingual, multicurrency online Japanese product shopping experience:
•Prices are denominated in Japanese yen, however prices can be displayed in the currency of your choice at the current exchange rate.
•However, due to timing factors in credit card payments, transaction fees etc., the actual cost may differ from the price displayed in local currency denominations. Thus, the local currency price should be used only as a reference.

Customer Service through Multilingual Online Chat:
•Customers can communicate with Cocoen staff using real-time chat in English, Chinese, or Japanese.
•Customers may contact us not only using email, but also through Skype, QQ, and MSN online chat. In addition, Cocoen maintains multilingual telephone numbers in Japan, Hong Kong, and the US which offer customer service in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Global Payment Methods:
•In Cocoen’s ongoing efforts to make Japanese products more accessible to the world, Cocoen accepts not only credit card payments, but also Paypal and Alipay settlement methods.

Sending Products to Over 100 Countries Worldwide:
•Working with the worldwide shipping company EMS (http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/index.html), Cocoen ships popular Japanese goods to over 100 countries. (Sagawa Transport is used for shipping within Japan http://www.sagawa-exp.co.jp/)


Product Introduction Video Site Cocoen.tv(http://cocoen.tv/)
Features personal video introductions of popular Japanese products by the international Cocoen staff.

Staff Blog:
English   http://encocoen.wordpress.com/
Chinese  http://zhcocoen.wordpress.com/
Japanese  http://shopcocoen.wordpress.com/

※The above URL will not be accessible until the store opens.

■Parent Company:WIP Japan Corp (http://japan.wipgroup.com/
Established in 1995, WIP Japan Corp. offers global business support services including translation and global research services. WIP has over 4,000 customers, including government organizations, as well as globally active enterprises and think tanks.