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(1)Searching by Keyword


Enter the name, maker or characteristics of the product you desire to begin your search.


(2)Searching by Category


Searching by Category





If you would like to browse all items within a specific category
or if you would like to see items similar to ones you have already found,
use our category search feature.


1)From our pull down menu select the language of your choice and press GO. Similarly, select the currency you will use to purchase Cocoen goods from the pull down menu and press GO.




(2)You can also select your language from the top right corner of our main page.











Where applicable, select the size, color and quantity of the item you wish to purchase and press the "Add to Cart" button.
 Then, please confirm the number of items you wish to purchase on the cart main page and press "Continue to Checkout."
Confirm the price and ordering information of your purchase.

For first time or unregistered users, please use the "New Member" form and enter your contact information and mailing address to continue your purchase.

For registered users, please press the "member login" button, enter your login ID and password and confirm your membership information.

In the case that your delivery address is the same as your mailing address, check the "Ship to the address appearing in Checkout" box and press "Continue."

Please choose your payment and delivery method and press "Continue."  ●Verify your purchase and your mailing information and press "Submit Order" to complete your order.

Within the next few days, COCOEN will send you an e-mail regarding product availability and delivery information of your purchase. Please doublecheck the e-mail to confirm that everything is correct and wait for your purchase to arrive.

Cocoen will send an order confirmation e-mail to your e-mail address. Please press the "paypal" button to proceed.





Enter your ID and password and complete your payment.

Do not close this page or return to the previous page. This often results in a failed purchase.






(1) Please give our staff member all of the information necessary to complete your purchase (item name, quantity, payment method, etc.).

(2)Once our sales representatitve confirms the total cost (shipping included) of your purchase as well as your payment method and delivery address, we will send an order confirmation form.

[Order by Telephone]:+81-50-5806-5884(Japan), +852-8197-0311(HongKong), +1-206-973-2555(Washington,Seattle)

[Oder by Chat]:Our chat panel is located at the top left corner of our main page under the heading "Contact Us." We currently support QQ International, Skype and Wang Wang. Please download one of these three chat tools to use our online chat service.



QQ International

Skype (English Version)

Wang Wang 2011


For downloading information on software, please check each specific site. Once you complete your software installation, you will be able to chat with COCOEN's online support staff.

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